bInfluencer - Become an Affiliate

Who can become an affiliate?

An individual working within the health and wellbeing sector or in a position of influence.

A blog, website, forum or online community owner within any sector that has a target audience.

What will I earn?

Grade   Customer Discount   Your Commission   Sales p/Week   
1 5% 25% £1,001 >
2 5% 15% £501 > £1000
3 5% 10% > £500

Key advantages to the bAffiliate program

  1. No upfront fees
  2. No minimum threshold to hit before you get your commission
  3. You earn commission for the life of your customer
  4. No stock needs to be bought by you
  5. We deliver direct to the customers for you
  6. We give you all the tools you need for free

Why promote b Products?

  1. All our products are safe, ethical and clinically proven.
  2. We have products in our range suitable from 18 to 80.
  3. We are an innovation in what is a very stale market of products without anything unique.
  4. Our products are based on our bTechnology, which is patent protected globally.
  5. You can be up and running as a bAffilliate within hours.

How do I apply to be an affiliate?

Simply following the process at the set up account page or email

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